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Product Still on the Water?


Feb 2020
Sacramento CA
Out in the Land of Safe & Sane, It ts being reported that a lot of product is still sitting on ships parked off shore waiting their turn at a berth to unload. I have a couple of friends that work two different booths for two different non profit organizations. One is TNT, the other is Phantom. Both of my buddies are saying the same thing: They were notified weeks ago that their groups were given allotments of product, based on last years sales. Johnny Public is being told to not wait, buy as soon as you can. That will probably cause a rush and these booths will be out of product before the weekend, maybe sooner.

You people in class C states, have you noticed empty shelves or less than usual? PyroCurtis mentioned he has two shows that had a 30% cut in product, Don't know if it was 1.4 or 1.3 but would be curious if the shortages affect aerial product.


Active member
May 2019
Yeah, I have not only seen a lack of certain items in tents but also know the lack of commercial and salutes is a thing!!!

Bigger companies and tents will bode nicely, but it's the little guys seeing the gurt.

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Apr 2019
Its my understanding that containers are sitting at the ports. Problem is, there are no truck drivers to move these containers. Not just fireworks but all seasonal items like patio furniture, household goods, etc.
Being in retail for 33 years, this is the worst I've seen stores with little to no inventory.
On a positive note, keep an eye out in your local mass merchants as when product arrives, like summer merchandise, stores will deep discount most product and consumers could save at least 75% off.