New Year's Eve


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Apr 2019
Just to give you something to read:

Most years, we spend Christmas with my parents, then New Year's in Jamaica. Being home for both this year, we decided to brighten up our neighborhood's New Year's Eve. There's a neighborhood mailing list, and my wife sent out a note
Hello Hello Neighbors,

We have a case of small sparkling cone fountains to share. They can be set on solid ground, the sidewalk or driveway, and lit, to send up sparkles for about 50 seconds.
Cone fountains this size are legal in New York.

Bill is a licensed pyrotechnician and he has, of course, printed up handouts with the legal definitions and the safety instructions.

I am halfway considering going door to door tomorrow to distribute to all who are interested. But it might be nicer and faster if you would let me know by email.

You can also watch You Tube.

This was well received, and we ended up giving out about 40 fountains, two to a household, plus packs of Morning Glory sparklers to those with kids. Not a big deal, but everybody had fun - we even had favorable comments from neighbors who didn't take them but saw theme being enjoyed. NY is newly "safe & sane" so a lot of people we not aware of the legal status. Although there were tent sales in our town July 4, none opened for New Year's, so people didn't have a source for fireworks. I read through the laws pretty carefully, and though there are a lot of requirements for selling fireworks, there do not appear to be any restrictions on giving them away to anyone over 18.

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May 2019
That is really cool! I love that you did that for your neighbors while educating them at the same time!