fireTEK New fireTEK YouTube Channel - Demos of FTQ module (Pyro, DMX, TimeCode, External Trigger, etc.)


Feb 2020
I'm a fireTEk user and want to let you know that fireTEK has a new YouTube Channel and soon to release website. I still think my humble Ignite!!! YT channel may have more fireTEK content on it :D, but it is great to see fireTEK moving forward to get the word out.

For now, check out the new videos demonstrating the FTQ module. This 13 min video rapidly goes through many of the features of the new module:

Here is a small DMX Pyromusical demonstration - the system directly controls DMX

This one is just kind of fun - a game of battleship anyone?

Ohms Law in action with a Potentiometer - the real time resistance measurements and firing current calculations

I look forward to the fireTEK website to be active very soon, too.

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