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CPSC: fireworks-related injuries and deaths up 50% in 2020


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Apr 2019
I'd like to see a complete table of the last 10 years' final (not preliminary) numbers. And is a "spike' going from 12 deaths (in 2019) to 18 in a country of 328 million people statistically significant? I doubt that very much. If you read the actual annual reports (2021 report covering through 2020 not yet published), year after year they report scary headlines while down around page 11 they include text corresponding to

There is not a statistically significant trend in the fireworks-related injury estimates from 2004 to 2019. In calendar year 2019, there were an estimated 10,000 fireworks-related, emergency department treated injuries (95 percent confidence interval 7,100-12,900). There were an estimated 9,100 injuries in 2018.
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