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The Philippines - Firework Manufacturers / Brands


Jul 2019
As the department of tourism says:

It's More Fun In The Philippines!​

Will be headed there for a couple weeks & have been doing some research on fireworks brands in the Philippines.
Does anyone have any experience with these brands? My brother-in-law means well but is no pyro... so I'm trying to determine what's a rip off vs what's not.
It would appear within the last decade, they've cracked down on non-compliant fireworks. They've banned the import of finished products from China to protect their local MFGs so unless it's been imported & then assembled in the Philippines, it's not for sale.

So far here's a collection of MFGs I've seen:
L.F. Fireworks
Products – LF Fireworks

Diamond Fireworks Inc
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Dragon Fireworks
About Us

Pegasus Fireworks
Pegasus Fireworks

Phoenix Fireworks
Pretty much zero online presence yet products are sold in quite a few places. Google Maps turns up no sort of real sized factory.
I suspect they import and assemble most of their products somewhere?

Interesting Government Approval list of fireworks MFG'd in the Philippines: