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LA bomb squad screws up


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Jun 2019
I saw some pictures that make me believe they found some bootleggers stash of 1.4. If you zoomed in on the skids of fireworks you could see the 1.4 placards on the boxes. 5,000 lbs. of 1.4 means you had around 500 lbs of energetic material and 4,500 lbs of paper, cardboard, wood and clay.

Reporters on scene were reporting the bomb squad was going to detonate them. They yelled out fire in the hole 3 times before they blew up their truck. Later they tried to claim they placed unstable fireworks in the truck for safe keeping and don't know how they went off. WTF are unstable fireworks? Other than some lame attempt to cover their asses.

Either they had loaded 1.3 or 1.3 marked as 1.4 in to their truck or the dumbass who decided to detonate fireworks in a residential neighborhood used to much explosives to detonate the fireworks.

Bottom line the fireworks posed a greater danger in the hands of the "professionals" than they did in the hands of the bootlegger.

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Jun 2020
The news reports varied, but one reporter said that the police said that there were M80s which they had decided would be safer to dispose of on site. They then asked if the bomb squad cvould have known how powerful they were, and they acted like no one had ever heard of them and had no idea of their danger. Seems like someone on the bomb squad was an idiot.

had they simply put them in the container and hauled them somewhere else inside of it, it would have been much safer, and they could have put them in a pit and set them off in a non-contained manner, which would have been safer. But almost anyone who makes fireworks knows that conitainment makes things more powerful, you would think the bomb squad should know that ot the ATF agent who was there. What a mess.