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Looking To Buy in search of extra / left over / old - not needed anymore show accessories.


Active member
May 2019
im looking for any fuse, any fuse connectors, extra zip ties. any ematch, any firewire inightors, any talon ingightors. any foil tape, any punks, spare map torch heads and or propane torch heads like the brozomatic ts 4000 and 8000, any brass awls, any fuse cutters, any ceramic utility knife cutters. pretty much anything along the terms of what i listed above. im looking to build a secondary pyro tool kit for back up stuff and also to use this new pyro tool kit for on the fly / on the go stuff as if someone calls me and says hey can you help me on my show and its only a few days away to where i can not get to my main tote of fuse, tape and zip ties along with my main pyro tool kit bag that has my 3 main brass awls, fuse cutter, ceramic utility knife cutter,and my ts 4000 as main torch back up and my main torch being a ts 8000 for map gas along with some larger punks that ill put on the outside perimeter of the shoot site to keep bugs down. so if anyone has anything they are willing to give up cuz they dont need it anymore or dont want it anymore ill take it for you i have paypal and ill pay for shipping too. thanks with love and a pyro's order to stay safe with all this covid stuff going on - be safe out there.


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