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Dealing with a downhill firing zone


New member
May 2019
Hey gang, just wondering how you all make adjustments when the audience is up a slope from a firing zone on a display. In my case, the audience will likely be at an elevation of about 50 feet above my firing zone and I am limited to 3" shells based on my site plan with audience at 400-425' by a ground measurement from the firing zone. I think it would make sense to keep shell pods closer to the fronts to make up for some of the viewing angle distance, but figured its never bad to have some more experienced opinions.


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May 2019
At NFPA 70’ per inch of shell diameter for Fallout Radius, seems like you could shoot up to 5” shells. I suggest setting 1.4G pods as close as safely possible, then setting your 1.3G racks at their requisite distances. Still fine if everything needs to be in the same spot at 400’. Click on my buddy’s wedding promo video, the principal site being shown is similar to your site, with the audience above. PrestoTechnics – North Texas Wedding Fireworks Displays . Presto does a great job of layering 1.4 with 1.3 over the top. I worked on the show in the video that starts about 2:13, it has a significant finale.
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Jun 2019
Hmmm, elevated viewing areas pose both advantages and disadvantages so it all depends on what you're planning. If you're just going to have a few front positions with mostly single shots, ground effects, etc I would say move them as close as you can and still be safe PLUS still take in the whole thing from side to side (want to avoid the "tennis match" situation where viewers have to turn their heads from side to side to take in your fronts). On the other hand, a raised viewing audience lends itself quite well to three dimensional "fronts" where some are in front of, behind, and to the side, of your main body discharge area. Could open up some possibilities not available when firing on flat ground.

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