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Critical Acclaim


New member
Oct 2019
If this has been discussed before, sorry, The tubes in the kits are 11 1/2'' deep.
Would shortening the tubes to say 8'' maybe 6'' have a dramatic effect on performance?
I would think maybe a wider V shape?
Would the height change much?
Only have 30 shells left. and bunch of cardboard tubes.


Active member
May 2019
North Texas
Yes, the tube size (DR9 vs DR11) and length will have an effect on mines. If you use shorter tubes, it's a dense mine but not as tall. If you use a tall tube, it will go higher but less dense/skinnier. I once shot some CA mines without matching the tube size/length and they looked different when I was firing multiple at the same time. I always match my tubes now.

The old/original CA are just mines. The new version are mine/comet combination. I would not recommend using a short tube with the mine/comet (unless you test it with lots of space).

Here's the video where I didn't match tubes. The first CA mine hit when you play the video, the center mine is significantly shorter.

I like the look of the taller ones.

The Image shown for the video (before playing) looks like 3 CA mines from the same size tubes, you have to play it to see some of the unbalanced shots.

If you turn on the Closed Captions, you'll see the product names in the video.

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