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At some point made in the USA will be cost effective


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Jun 2019
Shipping costs going through the roof and government spending driving inflation along with the dollar's decline our dollar buys less against other currencies.

I'm not sold on the idea that the shipping situation will resolve itself. Also fireworks manufacturing in China seems to have been downsizing recently and more regulated.

Talk of moving it to another country outside of the US don't seem like a viable option considering shipping costs and the value of the dollar vs. foreign currencies. Mexico requires any explosives manufacturer to be 50% owned by a Mexican national.

The technology exists to automate some of the most labor intense processes involved in building some consumer fireworks.

This is my take and I'd like to hear from people more knowledgeable about the industry about what I'm missing.


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Jan 2021
Central Iowa
This was covered in a seminar at Midstates.

American manufacturing faces 3 giant gorillas

1) Lawyers
2) Government regulation of this industry
3) Insurance companies

minor issues beyond that

some key components in manufacturing, example strontium are only available in Iran, I’m guessing directly importing that is going to be a problem. Where China has no embargoes, as long as money is to be made. The Strontium we get is “Laundered” though China, Brazil, or other countries

lastly American labor costs are still exceedingly high compared to China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, or Thailand.

2 best opportunities are India, and Brazil.

Hales had some Brazilian 200 gram cakes in the retail showroom, and there have been some Traki crackers spotted here and there.

Billy, Hales import manager did say that there is a chance that these high Pacific shipping rates are making it possible for Italian and Greek shipping lines to now come into the Pacific as the margins have grown to the point that they could make money.

All we need is 1 more competitor that refuses to sell out to DG lines for Haz Mat and prices will see some decrease.

the unfortunate issue is that China owned DG is the ONLY line hauling 100% of this country’s Asian Haz Mat. Not just 1.4 or 1.3, but chemicals, cigarette lighters, petroleum based products, etc etc


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May 2019
We've shot Pirotecnia Adan shells from Mexico. One member in our PAT club sources directly from them with their importers license. Certainly a viable 1.3G option that could expand, their shells are at least 50% less cost than American made(AM, F&F).

As well we've ordered directly from Ricasa in Spain. They'll custom manufacture pro-line items for you and ship to you via air cargo via DHL in Cincinnati. Most of their items are rated close proximate and are more expensive then Chinese non-low debris single shots, but still a viable option not tied to Chinese production schedules or shipping issues.


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